Welcome to our new web site dedicated to learning about those unanswered questions about life and death. This is a factual web site and is aimed at open minded people who are seeking the truth about their existence. If you are of a religious or scientific indoctrination then this site is not for you, unless of course you wish to learn. Please check back regularly as this site is updated daily and offers help and advice for all manner of spiritual guidance. The information in this site has taken many years to collate. We hope you enjoy our creation and thank those in spirit who have made this possible..



26 Feb 17: Massive Pending Earthquake California, please prepare.
14 Feb 17: It is with a heavy heart that we have to publish the sad news of Alan Webb's passing. He was a great man who helped thousands of people during his many years as a medium. We will not forget you, your memory shall live on in the great works published on this web site.