To ease you into our web site we have produced a topics section which briefly covers some of the topics that may be of interest to you.  This list is not exhaustive and is meant as a taster of the more comprehensive topics covered in the archive section.

 Pause For Thought (Lets consider how all this is possible)

 Journeys (Some of the journeys experienced through channelling)

 The Unseen (Understanding an existence beyond our physical beings)

 The Havens (Existences in spirit which most understand to be Heaven)

 The Foggy People (Who are these personalities and why do they exist)

 Adapting The Human Concept (Changing the way we thinking when we die)

 The Transition Of The Soul (Where do we go after we die and how do we progress)

 Sounds In the Silence (Having no ears yet being able to hear)

 Poetry (Words from the Soul)

 Crop Circles (Why and how they occur and its not what you think)

 The Ozone Layer (Man made, natural or both?)

 Healing (Understanding healing and how colour can influence it)

 Emotions (Powerful emotions often override reason , so what is emotion?)