Difficult to believe but sometimes people who have left this earthly plain get stuck in their transition from here to the spirit worlds.  This can be very frustrating for the departed soul and often will lead to what is termed as a haunting.  The spirit person becomes frustrated and starts to make noises or move objects to attract the attention of the buildings inhabitants.  This then often leads to priests being brought in to perform exorcisms.  This is not the answer as Christianity would have us believe that demons have entered your house and only God's faith will evict them.  This is simply not true and in fact the complete opposite where the lost soul actually needs help.  This is where a spirit rescue can be performed which assists the spirit to find their new home in the spirit light.  Only Mediums who are of a certain ilk are able to assist here and often many haunted houses will see a proliferation of so called experts in this field before a medium is able to move the spirit person on.  Below you can read how these remarkable Rescues transpire and how they are resolved through perseverance and understanding.  They are truly a fascinating read and are brought to you through the experiences of Alan Webb.


Many books have been written on the subject of Spirit survival.  How is it possible to explain fully what it is that survives and how this survival plays its part in the lives of the existing human concepts of life itself.  Phantoms, ghosts and earthbound spirits have been observed on numerous occasions, but behind many of these spectral visions there are lessons to be learned which can help to understand the many reasons for them.

When I began this work over thirty years ago, little did I know how much I would be indebted to these spectres and how the many different facets and reasons would be observed.  I cannot begin to explain to the reader how I came to be able to see these visions but see them I still do albeit probably not as clear as I used to now I am in my seventy fifth year.  In the past I could hardly define the difference between the living and the dead.  I suppose I must go back to my early years to mark the start of my unusual life.  From very early in my life I could relate to what is called the UNSEEN but because it was never mentioned I used to take it as normal.  Due to this fact I suppose it was inevitable that later in my life there would be a union which would lead me to help these different life forms.  Circumstances that were to change my life arose in the autumn of 1972.  A friend of my wife Pat mentioned that they were having disturbances within their home.  Knowing I could observe this sort of thing Pat offered my services to see if it was possible to help.  I had no idea what to expect and due to it being the first time I had attempted to observe in a deliberate way, rather than seeing the spectres as they appeared before me.  Pat accompanied me on this and every other occasion as they evolved over the years.  As we entered the house I instantly became aware of a red haired woman’s presence but what surprised me was how instantly it occurred. I quickly recovered and was attracted to the staircase.  She was quite visible to me and indicated her relief by communicating through thought, and telling me her name was Blodwyn.  It appeared that she had depleted her energy and was unable to expand her thoughts to enable her to move.  She did realise that she had no place within the confines which imprisoned her but she could only hope that somehow I could help to ease the predicament she was in.  My vision noticed a movement at the top of the stair.  Even though there was a window in the wall above the stair a larger stained glass window superimposed itself in front of it.  As I gazed in awe at this change a light shone from behind and the most magnificent stream of colours spread into and onto the lady.  It reflected from me and with this reflection Blodwyn smiled and I felt a responding thought of thanks.  It appeared that with the reflected energy from me she reacted and was slowly drawn into the stained glass colours and gradually disappeared.  As she entered, the colours the whole vision vanished, but the emotion left behind was something I had never experienced before.  This was my first rescue and with it came the knowledge that whatever should happen in the future I realised I would be assisted by those who would lead me to help others.



Very shortly after the incident with Blodwyn things moved on at a very fast pace.  Hardly any time had elapsed when, yet again, help was required.  The children were in bed and Pat and I were relaxing when into the room appeared a little girl.  She looked distant and totally lost.  Yet again thought played its part as she came closer to us.  She said she had fallen down stairs and lost her mummy and, approaching Pat, asked me if she was Mrs God, I told her no, she then asked if I was Mr God to which I replied that I was not.  Due to my recent experience I quickly assessed the situation and asked for help for the child.  In the far side of the room near the ceiling came movement.  It was quite distant at first, then came closer.  As the vision approached I could observe Six children in a circle passing a coloured ball to each other.  Closer and closer they came until one of the children threw the ball to Muriel, who then threw it back and was gradually involved within the circle of children.  At this point the group began to withdraw, taking the lost child with them.  As they went into the distance there was a brilliant flash of coloured light and they were gone.  Yet again, we were left emotional, but a few days later Muriel came to personally thank us.  She has returned on several occasions.  We have lost pets over the years but ALWAYS Muriel has been on hand to help them through.

After these first two incidents I gave a lot of thought to the process which enabled things to be absorbed.  One thing which seemed apparent was that before any change could occur there had to be a “doorway” established through which the lost ones could find solace and their rightful place in life’s sequence.  Over the years these “doorways” have taken many facets, from a circle of light to a full church.  Each rescue reveals a different “doorway” and there are never two “doorways” the same, just as each rescue is totally different from the last.

As I write, many instances flood back and the realisation of what has occurred in my life begins to make some sense.  Am I special?  No, am I lucky?  I’ll say so!  To many I could appear to fantasize and to others I may seem to be balmy but above all, just maybe, it will make us realise that there is more to life and human existence than we realise.



I received a phone call from Denbydale in Yorkshire asking if I could help a couple who were experiencing disturbances in their home. Pat and I arrived at a small row of neat terraced cottages. We were expected and the couple were at the door awaiting our arrival. As we entered there was a staircase directly in front of us. On the stairs was a middle aged man who seemed quite startled to realise I had seen him.( It has always amazed me how many of these unfortunates are first observed on the stairs).
When asked about the problem, they had felt uncomfortable in the stairs and the back
bedroom. After the traditional cup of tea I set about the task. As I approached the stairs and observed him he immediately vanished though the stair wall and appeared in the back bedroom. On my entry into the bedroom he returned to the stairs. This process occurred until I called a severe halt, which created an incident I had only observed once before but due to this earlier experience it did not deter me.  Far from confronting a middle aged gentleman I now faced a “fire belching dragon“. (This “Shape Change” is created by thought energy and acts as a “Protection Cover” to what the intangible personality regards as a threat). I stood my ground, stating I had
seen this similar thing before and to stop acting silly. Immediately the “dragon “ disappeared to be replaced by the gentleman, who was crying.
When I told him he should not be here he replied that he knew that to be so but wished to stay because, in his own words, “I AM CALLED GEORGE BUT NO ONE WILL KNOW MY NAME BECAUSE I WAS NEVER CHRISTENED”.
The mind is, and can be, manipulated to believe or not believe what it is fed. This man had obviously, through whatever circumstances, been deprived of a very important part of his life and must have dreaded the thought of dying because he thought no one would recognise him.
What took place next was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life- and there have been many.
I asked for help; the response was immediate. A clergyman of some denomination appeared and proceeded to christen George. Once this was completed the clergyman disappeared and George began to have an entirely different demeanour. I followed his gaze as he looked away from me. What at first looked like an inverted golden chandelier started to come towards us and as it came closer the “chandelier” started to correct itself and hung in the air as it shimmered with golden light. From behind the “chandelier” came three wonderful figures, they were male, about the human age of twenty, they were GOLDEN and had very golden curly hair. Two of them gently eased George onto the flat top part of the chandelier and with the third one, slowly eased this wonderful vision away.
As the distance gradually increased one of the three golden figures turned and I could read his lips as he said,” WE HAVE HIM NOW, GRATEFUL THANKS” and with a great flash of light, they were gone.
Such instances in my life leave me in no doubt whatever as to were we go from here.
I cannot stress enough that there is no substitute for experience in whatever field of interest one has but, especially, when the concerns of intangible personalities are involved it is imperative to understand and have a great compassion towards the duty required. As word of mouth of my exploits became known I found myself in many different locations. Hospitals, railway stations, public houses and residential homes to name a few and with each one having a different perspective and influence my involvement continued to have a greater intensity. No two sequences are ever the same due to the variety of personalities concerned. From the outset I have personally sought the exit pathway first and having found that, I know where to direct the personalities and also through these portals come the assistance required. I have no words to express my feelings at each satisfactory conclusion, but the tears of happiness from the reconciled personalities emphasise the happiness of doing this duty. The relief expressed by the people who required my assistance is also rewarding to see as the intrusion into their homes is removed.



We were asked to visit the above property due to strange phenomena taking place. I prepare, where possible, to concentrate the night before to get some indication of the problem. In this case as I meditated a personality who I did not see told me he was glad I would be going there and his name was Bobby. He then enquired about the whereabouts of Captain Billy, that was the end of the conversation and I hadn’t a clue what he meant. Furthermore , I had a sensation of a man, lady and small boy.
So thus prepared Pat and I duly arrived the following day at The Crown and Cushion.
We were welcomed by the landlord and his wife, the pet rottweiler and the cleaner, they were very happy to see us. (I think that included the dog). The landlord told me he had been frightened by an apparition which had confronted him in the bar area.
On the first floor at the end of the corridor was a room which I was told was the place that no-one cared to go, that included the rottweiler. Due to the cleaning equipment being stored in there, the cleaner stated she just dashed in and out as fast as she could.
As I entered it was as if I was in the roof of a large barn and I could see birds nests at my eye level. I left the room temporarily to enquire if anything was known of this barn. The landlord was amazed by my statement and confirmed that due to the phenomena occurring he had looked up the records and in fact the extension of the pub had been built where a barn once used to be.
I re-entered the room and it had changed yet again. Near the window was a bed in which a lady laid . As I watched, she sat up and began to become skeletal, she then lay down again and her shape became normal, this process continued over and over again. I then “saw” a small boy at the bed end and sensed a tall man behind me. I told him I was aware of his presence and asked him to show himself, which he did. He went straight over to the bed and I demanded that the lady should stop the re-enactment process as it was affecting the small boy, she stopped immediately. I then asked how this situation had developed. The man told me that his wife had died and he had told no-one, for fear of losing his lodgings and had sworn his son to secrecy. The “window” suddenly started to shimmer and I realised that even though I had not sought an exit, one was being prepared. The beam of light which followed the shimmering was very intense and totally absorbed the room. As the light decreased the room had been cleansed and the previous inhabitants had gone. I checked the window and it had returned to it’s original shape.
I asked the landlord to come back into the room, which he did with trepidation, followed by the dog which lay at my feet. The dog proved beyond doubt that all was normal when he rolled over and wanted to play. The Landlord then asked if I would look in the bar area because that was where he had had a fright. I checked the bar and the rooms leading off, finding nothing, until I looked into a small snug at the side of the bar. There he was, sat there as large as life, playing a small squeeze box and when challenged, by me, showed that he could also play the piccolo. He said his name was Bobby and that he had caused the landlord to ask me for help, in his words he stated it had, “GONE ON LONG ENOUGH!”

I told him he should not be here, at which he smiled and as he did so a golden beam of light shone directly on him, making me realise that he could go whenever he wished and that he was only there to witness the proceedings. He then said something that I had completely forgotten, “Where is Captain Billy”, I was astounded but could give no answer.
The landlord enquired if there was anything untoward in the bar, I told him of the little man in the snug who wished for them to mentally say “Good Morning Billy” every day until they no longer felt his presence. I then asked about Captain Billy and was told that it was the title of the previous owner who had now left the area, due, it was thought, to the continual disturbances. QUITE REMARKABLE!!!

No further problems were experienced in the Crown and Cushion.



When a call comes through concerning children I try to arrange a visit as soon as possible. Children have an innocence of the paranormal and by asking the relevant questions I can quickly assess whether the disturbances are imaginary, attention seeking or of a genuine nature and need rectifying.
We were asked to visit a house in Moston, Greater Manchester as their son Brandon was being affected by what he called his ghost, which had led to him behaving in ways which were abnormal for him. His parents were quite worried because he had started to wander round the house in the night due to his ghost being in his room. He had even drawn his ghost and stuck the drawing on the side of the computer.
The house had been in the family for some years and on arrival we were told that disturbances had been perceived many times, with no ill effects, but only recently they had increased and because of the effect upon their son , something now needed to be done.
The house had passed from mother to daughter- who was Brandon’s mother and she told us that she was born there and had felt as if some kind of invisible guardian had cared for her over the years.
Brandon’s room was the first I visited and there, on the computer chair, sat a teenager who was amazed when I told him to stay were he was while I returned. I next turned to the bathroom and was immediately confronted by a rather stout elderly lady who had a cat in her arms. She followed me into the long corridor outside the bathroom and asked if I had seen the others. I mentioned the teenager but she was adamant about these “others”. Suddenly I was definitely aware of the “others” when three children burst along the corridor and spread themselves at the lady’s feet. “Are these the ones ?”,I asked. She replied “ There is one more downstairs, playing with the kitten”. I hurried downstairs and there he was, a little boy sat with the kitten.
He followed me and now there were five figures in the corridor and once I got the teenager out of Brandon’s room we had the remarkable number of six visitors plus a cat requiring assistance.
Because everything had happened so quickly I did not have the chance to seek out an opening to help them through. My thoughts went out as I asked for aid in this totally unexpected event. A movement in the corner of the corridor ceiling caught my eye and as I watched, what seemed to be some sort of window slowly opened and attracted all six of them underneath.
As the “window” opened an elderly man’s head could be seen. The lady recognised him immediately and called,” Grandpa”, the man smiled and gestured to the group. I was fascinated as I saw the children and the teenager gather themselves under the lady’s long skirt and with the cat in her arms they all gradually floated gently through the open “window”, but as they rose the stout lady asked me to give an emotional farewell to Brandon’s mother who she said she had watched over since birth. With a smile of gratitude the elderly gentleman closed the “window” and as quickly as it had come, it vanished.
Thinking my work done I invited Brandon’s parents to walk round the bedrooms to see if there was a different “feel” in the upstairs part of the house.
(I always use this procedure when completing my work, it is important that those who have asked for help should also feel comfortable in the finished atmosphere.)
Whilst agreeing everything was fine, Brandon’s mother asked me to look in yet another room at the end of the corridor. She explained that she always felt uncomfortable in there and could only stay for short durations. When doing this work there are always things to learn and although I had experienced what I was about to confront at another location, nevertheless the intensity of the energy involved was greater than I had encountered before. As I stepped into the room I quickly became aware of a vortex of energy in the centre. It had a colour effect as in a rainbow and was spinning at a tremendous rate. There was only one thing to do and that was to stand in the centre of this vortex to get the feel of the energy involved. It felt as if I was in a magnetic force field and my movements became involuntary as I showed no resistance. Slowly, I battled to regain some sort of equilibrium and began to have some sort of control.
( I felt that this energy had been the source which had fed those who were now in their rightful place.)
Once again I noticed movement above my head and the “window” appeared once more. The elderly man had what looked like some sort of reflective mirror in his hands and as he leaned forward, held this shield so that the energy pattern was captured. Once he had captured it he slowly eased the mirror, or shield, away from the room until it shone outwards beyond the window. This completed, the window slowly closed and it had gone, taking with it the vortex of energy. Needless to say the room became quite normal. This experience was the most fantastic moment I have ever had, and to witness the alteration and the outward reflection of the energy will stay with me for ever.
F.N. At 9 o’clock that evening I had a phone call from Brandon who I had never met, saying thank you for removing his ghost .I asked him to take down his drawing and throw it away, for his ghost had now gone, never to return.


Our next visit took us to an old lady’s flat and she was very nervous on our arrival. Firstly, she said she had just come out of hospital and hoped we would believe what was happening in the flat. Her main fear was that her sister would not believe the disturbances and would have her certified. We immediately put her mind at rest, my wife Pat helped greatly due to the fact that she had nursed geriatric people and calmed the old lady very skilfully.
Once she had calmed down she was able to explain what had been happening. She kept saying “ they” are in every room and told us that she had locked the front bedroom but then “they” came into the back bedroom, so she locked that. As a result she had been sleeping on the settee, but now “they” disturbed her there. That was why she was so desperate. She was a very lucid lady and very believable, so I went to work. I asked for the keys to the bedrooms and after she gave them to me, she immediately went into a deep sleep on the settee.
As I unlocked the door and entered the front bedroom I became aware of a middle aged lady whom sat on the bed weeping. Thought plays a large part in this work and through thought I ask what was the trouble. She replied tearfully that she thought her husband would be here but she could not find him, she also said she had asked the old lady but could get no reply. I left the bedroom and the crying lady and entered the back bedroom.
I was not too surprised to find a gentleman walking about in a bewildered state. He turned and realised I had seen him and appealed to me to help to find his wife who, he was convinced should be here. So here was something very unusual, two personalities who, obviously had been together at one stage of life, both within the same vicinity, yet completely unaware of each other. (They both told me they thought they were in Arkwright street. I found out afterwards that the flats had been built where such a street once stood.) As I have done many times in many instances, I asked for help. I had the feeling I should be in the front bedroom, so I hurried across the landing. Just in time to watch as a very tall man in a long brilliant green coat appeared by the sobbing lady’s side. I heard here cry out, Father!. She rose from the bed and embraced the gentleman who then turned to face me.
He mentally told me my energy would now be required, and even though I felt nothing change, something must have happened because a seemingly fragile bridge like structure reach from the bedroom and through into the next room. As I watched this amazing incident the wall seem to disappear and it was easy to observe the man I had left previously. The tall man called out “Tommy”, who turned and cried “Jean”. All three of them embraced and there was a great feeling of contentment. The tall man who was apparently Jean’s father turned to me and pressed a petal like object into the palm of my hand. His thoughts told me that it would return my energy,( which in truth I had not felt leave me). He called it “YELLAKA”, I have no idea what it meant and have never found out, even though I received one on a previous occasion.
They climbed on the bridge and with a swirl of the green coat they were gone. As they went the old lady woke up and I told her everything was fine. She gratefully accepted my explanation telling me she could not recollect going to sleep.
Yet another phase in the unseen - that two people could be in the same vicinity yet not be aware of each other. FASCINATING!!!


My first encounter with a vortex of energy was when I had been invited to a jewellers shop in Blackpool. They had a difficulty with an atmosphere at the back of the shop. There was a room which was definitely different from the rest of the premises, I was told. No one would use it due to the nausea that was felt on entering and it was needed for office purposes.
When we arrived there were no customers, so after a short introduction I was keen to see what the problem was and went through to the back of the shop. There was a small hallway which divided the front and back rooms and it was in this area that I encountered the vortex. At first, because I had not experienced such a thing before I could not believe what I was seeing.
It appeared to be quite solid and stood like a pillar in the centre of the small hallway. Instinctively I stood inside this coloured pillar and was moved quite involuntarily- backwards and forwards. I could feel what seemed like magnetic impulses pulling and pushing. Yet again, instinct took over and by using thought tried to get this pillar of energy moving. To my surprise I could feel a swaying motion immediately, so I intensified my thoughts and the swinging motion increased remarkably, so much so that I quite liked the sensation and encouraged it more and more.
I was now intent on spreading the pillar as far as possible which, in my mind, would touch everywhere within the shop confines. After a short while I felt no more responses and so I gradually eased my thoughts away and as I looked about me I could only discern slight traces of colour. It appeared that my instincts had led to a successful conclusion.
All traces of nausea sensation had been removed from the hallway and a similar condition was apparent in the back room. Things were normal but, another surprise awaited. When we returned to the shop floor the owner said he could not believe how busy he had been whilst the work had gone on in the back. He smiled when he asked if we could return regularly as his takings had never been as good.


We were involved with a very intriguing case when we were asked to visit a house where problems had included the exchange of items and these events had been occurring for Twelve Years.
The occupier was a lady in her 90’s, but she was very alert and lucid. It was her daughter Betty who contacted me to see if I could help, because things had really got out of hand. When the events started, the old lady thought that she had burglars but no entry had been forced, so she then suspected that someone had a key. Her main suspects were children due to several children’s items appearing around the house. The police were called and suggested all the locks be changed - this was done. Items, including money, continued to vanish. Watches and clocks stopped and started and items belonging to children were found, so they also had new double glazed windows and doors fitted. Still, events occurred including the movement of ornaments overnight.
Just before I was asked to go, Betty had visited her mother and she was shown a child’s paint brush which lay on the dining room table. She agreed it had not been there the day before and suggested a cup of tea whilst they considered their next move. Having left the paint brush on the dining room table, she was totally shocked when she trod on the same paint brush as she entered the kitchen. It confirmed it was the same paint brush when the one that had previously been on the table had disappeared. That was when I received the invite to visit.
The first room I saw was at the back of the house, and sat in the middle was a lady crocheting. She just smiled and carried on with her work. In the back bedroom was a boy wearing a blue velvet suit. He was playing with old fashioned toys and did not acknowledge me. I continued into the front bedroom and observed a young girl accompanied by a man in a white suit. The man made contact and asked if I had come to SAVE them all and help them to heaven. Yet again, I asked for help. I had previously noticed a slightly shimmering impression on the back bedroom wall and encouraged them all to follow me to the room where the boy was still playing with the toys.
As we gathered, the area of movement stabilised and a man’s face appeared. I described the man to the old lady and she confirmed it was the face of her late husband. He gently gestured to the group to go to him and even the boy responded. They seemed to dissolve as they went through and the man started to sing a hymn, which the old lady confirmed was the favourite hymn of her late husband.
I returned at a later date to again reassure the elderly lady that all was well.


The entrance into the house meant that I passed the kitchen. I paused at the open kitchen door and observed a stout When visiting a location the activity which takes me there is always inconsistent and lady cooking bread. Not wanting to cause any undue alarm I did not mention this and entered the lounge. After the usual cup of tea, I casually asked if the smell of cooking had been noticed. At this remark the lady of the house told us that she was always investigating where the smell of baked bread was coming from. She then explained the main reason for my being there.
There was an event, in particular, which had reached proportions to cause her to be alarmed. Wherever she was in the house, especially when she was upstairs, she constantly heard the front door open and close, but when she called out to ask who it was, it unnerved her to find there was no-one there.
I went on my tour of the house and in the kitchen the stout lady continued to bake as I entered, completely ignoring me. It was in the kitchen that I felt there would be a doorway which would enable me to call for assistance and I found it very quickly. The kitchen window had movement surrounding it, so I now had the outlet for whatever I might find.
The stairs were on the left hand side as you entered the front door and they consisted of three steps and a small landing before continuing up the main staircase. The first bedroom held a surprise, for stood before me was a sergeant dressed in the redcoat army uniform. He immediately challenged me, demanding to know what I was doing in his billet. My reply to him was that the cook had asked if he was ready for his tucker. He nodded and it was an easy matter to have him follow me to the kitchen, a place he seemed familiar with as he was quite at ease. Once more I went up the stairs.
I had just stepped off the small landing when I heard a noise as if a door was opening. It did not open but a smart gentleman appeared on the inside of the door. As I watched he went up the three stairs, turned left and vanished through the outer wall. After he appeared once more I managed to attract his attention and indicated to him that a meal was being prepared in the kitchen. He took little persuading, so now there were three personalities gathered in the kitchen and importantly, they appeared happy to do so.
At the doorway of the second bedroom stood a very tall man who immediately told me that he was not going into the kitchen. He stated that he was looking after his grand children and nothing was going to change that. I looked passed him, into the room, and was surprised to see it was indeed a children’s room. Seeing this, I went back downstairs and enquired about the children’s room, but to my surprise, as I made the inquiry I noticed a photograph on the shelf. It was of the tall man who had made the statement about the grandchildren.
The lady gasped at my revelation and told me the photo was of her deceased husband and that the grandchildren did stay on a regular basis - hence the children’s room. Whilst I was still downstairs the husband appeared once again, stating that he was going to stay. I told his wife of his intention and she said that she did not mind his presence in the house and at that point the disappeared. When I returned to the kitchen I was surprised to find no-one there but a movement from the window made me stare. On the outside were the three personalities, it looked as if they were floating and as I stared at this vision there was a curtain effect which gently closed and all was back to normal. The lady contacted me later to say that she could sense a presence in her house. I reminded her that her husband is still there looking after his grandchildren.


There have been many instances where families have not been able to visit relatives due to unseen activities taking place in homes. I have been to several houses where visits from loved ones don’t take place due to different phenomena, such a place was a bungalow in Gtr. Manchester.
It was a beautiful bungalow but it was apparent that the large garden area required some attention. We entered a lovely lounge and were made very welcome. Once settled I enquired about the situation which needed attention. It was clear that the owner was very upset but she managed to explain that for the previous two years - since they had moved in - she and her adult son had experienced a pushing energy. When they moved into the bungalow all the family came to help, especially to re-vitalise the garden which had suffered from neglect. That was when things started to happen.
As they began to alter the garden small incidents occurred and inside the bungalow items started to move. The more they altered the garden, the greater the intensity of events, so much so that the relatives began to be apprehensive about even coming to help, which inevitably led to them staying away altogether.
With this information, I investigated the bungalow. Firstly, the ground floor, then up a lovely spiral staircase onto a dormer floor which consisted of a lounge and separate living quarters for her son. I started to look in the son’s area first and, to my surprise, over the bed was a wonderful spirit figure who gestured towards the wall behind the bed-end. I watched as posters of different countries appeared and when I looked back the figure had vanished. I told the lady what I had just seen and she gasped, telling me her son had just been told that his job was about to take him all over the world. I assured her that after what I had just seen he would be well taken care of. So I moved on into the lounge. At first there was nothing, so I continued looking, and in a corner of the dormer was a small door which led to the rafters. It was in that doorway I had my first glimpse of the perpetrator. He was coming through the door as if it didn’t exist and I noticed a peculiarity about him - he had very large ears - which I mentioned to the lady. She replied that the person who had sold the bungalow to them also had the same disfigurement but he had now passed on
I confronted him and asked to know why he kept disrupting things when all the owners wanted was to make HIS garden more beautiful. I also told him he should not be here because his mother would be waiting for him. It was inspirational to mention his mother because he reacted immediately. Firstly, he stated that he was only protecting his home from trespassers and he was sorry for causing any trouble but he would dearly wish his mother would come for him. I looked past him as I asked, yet again, for assistance and was rewarded, almost immediately, with a vision of an elderly lady which looked like it had been imprinted onto the door behind him. Instinct must have made him turn and has he did so the vision enveloped him and both parties disappeared.
In the weeks ahead the family gradually returned and all the work was completed with no further interruptions.


The unseen phenomena is very mystifying. Just when you think it is making sense along comes another sequence of events which bring in something else to be considered.
Cold spots in the atmosphere were being experienced at a house nearby and I was asked if I could shed some light on the situation. On our arrival it was explained that nothing of an uncomfortable nature could be felt, but the householder thought it needed sorting out, if possible. The problem, once again, was upstairs.
It is remarkable how many facets of an unknown nature are in bedrooms - and I wonder if this is due to the fact that sleep and the subsequent altered state of consciousness, in that process, add to consequential uniting of energies; thus enabling some sort of transference to be possible.
As I went into the bedroom the whole room began to change from a modern bedroom to an old fashioned one and a lovely old lady welcomed me. She was very chatty, she told me of her friend who lived next door and that they always went to church together on Sundays and started to call me RONNIE, I did not correct her, (if she thought I was Ronnie so be it.) Her conversation was one of the most clear and concise I have ever heard and when I told her she should not be here she was very forthcoming with her answer.
Firstly, she told me her name was Jenny and that she had passed away, before her next door neighbour. When her friend had passed, she had come to help her but, due to a lack of energy, she had trouble following behind and this had led to her present predicament.
She was very positive that I could help so I looked round for an outlet and as I detected one she asked if I could help Alec. When I enquired who Alec was she said, “ Him in he next room”. I asked to be excused and quickly went to the other bedroom where I was met by a very forthright chap who was dressed as if he was going to an allotment.
“ I suppose the bible thumper has sent you hasn’t she?.” He also called me Ronnie. Then went on to say he knew I had come to help them both through but that he was not going with her in the next room. He complained about her hymn singing, declaring he had never been a church goer and he wasn’t starting now.
I carefully asked him to follow me into the other room, which he did, and I asked about his allotment. He told me he shared it with his lifelong pal Tommy. I immediately faced the outlet and appealed for help in the shape of Tommy. Quick as a flash, a picture of an allotment, complete with garden shed, appeared and man gestured to Alec to come forward. “Ah! Tommy,” Alec called. I watched as he joined his friend, then they turned, waved, and went into the shed. At that point the vision changed and became the interior of a church and I could see the backs of all the congregation as they sat in their pews. A lady, who was presumably Jennies friend, reached out to her and my last sight of them both was a joy. They walked down the centre aisle and as they did so, all the congregation rose and began to applaud. This image is imprinted in my mind and so is the emotion it created.
Needless to say, there were no more cold spots in that house and I will never know why they both called me RONNIE.


One of the earliest incidents I was concerned with occurred in a surprising way. Pat, my wife worked at the hospital in the geriatric department. One of her colleagues was having a birthday party but, due to a prior commitment, we could not attend. However, on our way to the arrangement we called at her house to wish her a happy birthday. The preparations were well underway so we did not stay too long. As I drove away in the car I happened to mention that, even though there was a hive of activity, the old lady who was stood at the side of the T.V. seemed to be totally ignored. At my comment Pat said she had not seen anyone there; so realising that the old lady must be a spirit figure I thought no more about it.
A short while later Pat came home from the hospital and told me that her co-worker was very concerned over several incidents happening in her house and could I help.
When we arrived the full story was revealed. The atmosphere had completely changed in the short time since we had called on Sue’s birthday and she was quite distraught and nervous. She explained that there were cold spots all over the house, especially on the upstairs landing and on the stairs and also in the kitchen. She told me that she had felt some type of pressure whilst in the bathroom. Her husband was so affected by these events that he would no longer use the bathroom and had made arrangements to utilise the next door neighbours’ facility.
As the events were explained to me my thoughts went back to our previous visit and the figure of the old lady by the side of the T.V came to mind. I started to look around the house and the first thing of note were the cold spots, especially, on the stair landing, so it was here that I sought the exit portal. In the far corner of the ceiling I noted a slight movement and moved on downstairs. Sue was in the kitchen preparing cups of tea and I was most surprised to see the old lady by her side. I asked Sue how she felt and she replied that she could feel pressure.
The old lady reacted to my interruption in a very timid way and, realising I could see her, said she only wanted to help Sue. I described her to Sue and she gasped, saying that my description fitted a lady she had been with on her ward at the time of her passing, only a short time ago. The old lady responded by saying that she was so grateful for the help Sue had given her that she wanted to return the favour.
I explained she had now fulfilled that duty and that her friends were waiting for her, so we went up the stair and along the landing to the moving section on the ceiling. As we stood there figures appeared in the framework and called out to her. She responded immediately and gently floated up to join the throng. Some-one called that they had got her and the vision disappeared.
The most happy person with this result was Sue’s husband who could now cease his dash next door whenever nature called.


To be called out to a house where children are involved generally means there are two reasons ; the first is attention seeking or there is a genuine reason for their distress.
This particular event concerned two small sisters. They both had started to refuse to go into their bedroom and, to try to ease the situation, both parents spent quite a long time trying to get them settled, but to no avail. I became involved due to the girls saying that “the man” frightened them.
There must be a definite link with sleep and bedrooms because occurrences in these places arise too often to be coincidental.
It was a typical children’s room with bunk beds and large bean bag and as I began to find the portal, which in this case was very easy, the man appeared. He was sat on the bean bag and said, “ I hope you’ve come to help me get away from here!” I told him that was my intention and asked him who he was and could he recall how he came to be in his present situation. His name he said was Norman Wisbeck. He remembered not feeling well and going to Dr Arthur’s surgery in Offerton with his friend Clifford Allen. He recalled a funny feeling in his chest and pins and needles in his arm but after that he could only chastise his pal Clifford for “leaving” him. He had felt abandoned and could not understand why he was in these surroundings, especially as there were cats around - he hated cats - and he missed his cigs and pint. The children were fine, he said, and he was sorry if he upset them but he stressed the need to get away from the predicament, mainly due to HICKORY,DICKORY DOCK. It was driving him mad!. I asked him to remain where he was whilst I went on to the landing were their parents awaited and asked if the rhyme meant anything to them.
They were both amazed and replied that every night, to get the children settled, they would repeat it over and over because it was their children’s favourite.
He stood there smiling as I re - entered the room and said “Told you so!”. The portal had began to move so I asked him to turn in it’s direction and as he did he handed me a box of crayons,” A present for the kids” he said. The portal opened and revealed a pint of beer and an ashtray full of cigarette ends. Once again he turned to me and nodded as he went into the scene and, lifting his pint, gradually disappeared.
When the personalities have been “rescued” I always make sure the portal has been secured. What made me chuckle, in this case, the security was in the shape of a CAT.
Personalities, whether seen, or unseen, have an energy. This energy, or echo of energy, does not move immediately with the personality, and if there has been intense activity it can be some time before it dissipates. Thus, it can be misconstrued that the personality has not gone. But, in fact, what is being felt is only the echo which will eventually disappear. I have only had one or two instances of this but in all cases the result has been positive when this circumstance has been explained.



I have recently retired from doing rescues, but it was necessary to come out of my retirement when my very good friend Miesha, (the person responsible for all the work required to build this wonderful website) told me that a personality needed help.
The previous night he experienced an entity who indicated that the “Devil” would be talking to him directly.  Although Miesha knew there was no such creature it was disturbing that a personality should hold this view.  Someone needed help in the unseen, so off we went to get it sorted.
The problem was, once again, in the bedroom.  I was immediately drawn to the top corner of the ceiling.  What resembled a tube-like structure seemed as if it went straight through the wall and into infinity.  To one side there was a movement which eventually built into the image of a man.  He told me his name was Edwin and he was very upset because he said the “Devil” had banished him and he didn’t know where he was.  I then noticed that he held something in his hands, it was a torn birthday card and he had a half in each hand, he also showed me a wedding ring.
I was about to ask what the significance of these meant when a Priest appeared by his side.  The Priest then placed an adornment around the shoulders and gave him a leather bound Bible which looked very old and worn.  The Priest turned to me and smiled, then turning to Edwin telling him to open the Bible.  I was able to observe the chapter, it was the Book of Job.  As the man read, the Priest guided him through the tunnel-like structure and disappeared.  Four religious Icons appeared which I was told would seal the entrance forever.
So I never found out the significance of the torn birthday card or the wedding ring,
but maybe I was not meant to know, it was enough for me to realise our friend from the unseen had reached his proper place.
It was most satisfying to learn afterwards that the Book of Job is indeed a battle with the faith of God against the Evil of the so called “Devil”.  IN THIS CASE GOD WON !



For many years I had experienced strange happenings within our home.  The events began when our daughter was around 2-3 years old and would suddenly appear to see something and become very frightened and cling to me burying her head in my shoulder, afraid of "the man".  Fortunately this situation eventually passed but other disturbances continued particularly in the children's bedroom where there was a different feeling to the rest of the home and sometimes a completely different smell.  On the odd occasion I had myself slept in this room I had been aware of rapping and tapping sounds within the wall or closet door which upon investigation there was no logical cause.  Also the children's toys would set themselves off inexplicably.  Luckily the children were unaware of any of these events and I really wanted to believe that there was a logical explanation for the happenings, however one night I awoke to see two silver orb shapes in the air above the bed.  I lay there trying to make out what they were, sat up on one elbow trying to see if anything could be making a reflection to create this light.  As my eyes adjusted to the darkness their shape and form became very clear and after about a minute of scrutiny they disappeared.  Around this time, Christmas, the photographs of the children decorating the tree, taken on our digitl camera were covered in orbs, no photographs before nor any taken after have ever contained any.  I had also seen what I can only describe as neon squiggles hanging in the air and on the wall but these were just upon waking and there seemed to be periods of this.  There were various other things, the dog barking, hackles raised, into the air in specific places and lots of things going bump in the night but as I say nobody else was affected by it and so my husband and I would just laugh and say that I was bonkers!  However at the back of my mind I always felt certain unease and upon talking to a friend, was given Alan's telephone number, he came and performed a rescue clearing three or four spirits from the kid's room.  Now the space feels transformed and most surprisingly is the change in our daughter.  She is cheerier and more compliant and there are no more things going bump in the night!

Vicky, Oldham, 19-March-2008.