Before reading this section we would like you to understand that everyone needs help at some point in their life.  Some people need help more than others but that does not mean they are weaker it just means they are more open to help than others.  Our powers as human beings are weak compared to that available to spirit and therefore we use the spiritual resource to assist us here in helping those who need it.  Help can come in the form of healing, guidance, spiritual rescue and teaching.  Each area of assistance carries a wealth of energy that can be manipulated to help the greater good.  By this we mean not only helping humans in their journey through life but also helping spirit people in their journey to the next life.  None of what we say here is read from any religious book or scientific journal but through years of communication with spirit and an attainment of knowledge of life.  So armed with this energy we will endeavour to help all those that ask and we will never offer assistance where we know our knowledge cannot assist. 

Below is a web form that you can complete that allows us to understand where you need help and we will endeavour to answer all requests as soon as possible.  Please read our section on "How we can help" to get an idea of where we might assist you. 

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Privacy Statement

Anything you submit via this page or the above email address will be treated in the strictest confidence.  None of your communications will be re-published nor will you be sent any marketing information or your details passed to any third party.  We value and respect your privacy and want you to feel confident about asking any questions in the knowledge your identity will remain anonymous.