THE SOUL: The SOUL or PSYCHE represents the SPIRIT or MIND within the human frame. Thought is for ever flowing through the MIND and is the indicator to which the human being adheres. Everything on earth has manifested through this wavelength and due to this fact the SOUL is a conduit that has no known limitations. The personality reacts to these senses and having a higher or lower absorption, creates from the stimulation the degrees its aptitude allows. Thus, from the receptivity, people of a higher or lower intelligence emerge.

ESSENCE: Essence is the nature of all existence. It has a fluency which is essential to the life force within it and influences all the energies which surround it. Essence is unseen, yet the awareness of it makes all who exist in it react to its demands. If neglected, the essence will weaken and all who dwell within its spectrum will feel this negative reaction. On the other hand, if there is a positive bonding and respect of the ESSENCE there is an immediate response which is to the benefit of all within its embodiment.

FREQUENCY: Are repeated vibrations or wavelengths moving to and fro - seeking receptive terminals that will accept the information they carry. The data carried on these wavelengths come from various senders and therefore have within their content the information meant for the individual receiver. The receiving antennas react as the frequency is absorbed and so messages will bring a response from the receiver.

UNIFICATION: Means the standard pattern of unchanging elements. Thus to UNIFY is to create a consistency which is acceptable without complications and is comfortable. Uniform conditions are the strength of many and, as such, bring about an apathy which discourages any type of alterations to come into their lives. This form of UNIFICATION rules out change and when change DOES come the fluency is disturbed and this will lead to the effect of attempting to re-unify. Conditions in these circumstances will only stagnate.

THE ECHO: Sounds which bounce off reflective energy waves and act as an imitator to whichever sounds are made. The returning sounds depend upon the depth of these waves. Sounds that reflect almost instantaneously indicate the closeness of the energy in the immediate vicinity.

SPIRIT: Is the life force, or energy, which motivates the human being. It is the personality and has no limitations. Without this energy the life of the human becomes extinct in material conditions. Thought energy is the catalyst of the SPIRIT and it is this energy which continues its existence when the human frame is vacated. Intangibility is the consistency of thought, so this fact alone means it cannot cease, even when its occupant has done so.

THOUGHT WORLDS: Are self created existences - from true realities. When human life becomes extinct the thought energy has to re-adjust to different circumstances. Whilst many automatically conform, many do not and bring thought to the forefront of this new consciousness therefore recreating the previous existence. This is only a temporary respite and will eventually correct itself as the SPIRIT gets absorbed in the overwhelming circumstances that await it.

THE AFTERLIFE: Is a natural progression which takes place when the physical existence ceases. In what is termed - ETERNITY - this process will be repeated as the SOUL goes through its advancements. The physical manifestation on earth is only ONE of many such incarnations. Other destinations will have different consistencies and will, subsequently, be less restrictive.

ANGELS: Spiritual beings who exists throughout eternity. These wonderful entities have duties beyond anything we could imagine. They are the guardians throughout life, who guide and advise SOULS in their journeys. WE CANNOT BECOME ANGELS - ANGELS ARE!

CHERUBIC BEINGS: Definitely a younger part of the ANGELIC family. Mostly linked with activities of romance, Cupids arrows are a good example of this. Indications always show LOVE and ROMANCE when CHERUBS are noticed and their influence produces patterns involving children.

THE AURA: The natural emitting life force which can be observed in the right conditions. The AURA has been depicted in many religious paintings as a halo, but the reflective energy surrounds the human frame in its entirety. Thought creates emotion, which in turn, alters the frequency of the SOUL and leads to changing COLOUR sequences through the AURA spectrum. Thus, through time, acceptance of colour has had creative patterns integrated in human life - eg ;- RED anger, GREEN envy, YELLOW cowardice ETC. All this is a reflection of the AURA.

THE UNSEEN: Existences beyond normal sight. The afterlife falls into this category and observations which have been recorded show many differentials to what is called normality. Due to the UNSEEN having a level of though pattern beyond human consciousness the images seen are not always held and soon fade away. This fact leads to many suggesting fanciful imaginations, but those who have had these experiences also feel the EMOTIONS within the UNSEEN. They have a greater intensity than any sensation experienced on earth.

BLACK POOLS: These “Black pools” have a consistency of emptiness, yet hold within them the SOULS of those who have created gross misdemeanours whilst in the physical embodiment. Their SOULS begin the cleansing process from these places, and with the help of the EMISSARIES, by CORRECTING all thoughts of wrongs they have done.

THE HAVENS: Once a successful progress has been made through the many aspects of spiritual participations, the HAVENS are eventually waiting. These creations have great corridors within them and many areas of learning which the SOUL requires to extend its expansion. The inspirers waiting within consist of personalities who have the ability, and experience to guide the SOUL to its next destination. It is written “ In Gods House Are many Mansions”, could this refer to the HAVENS?