A1 - As a single being, No, but a unifying essence of life energy, Yes.  The significance of the creation of a Human being is purely for religious purposes. The statement that "We are made in the same image as god" surely refers to the soul rather than the human image.


A2 - The fact that the soul is pure essence means it is indestructible, therefore will continue into the next sequence of (what is termed life) existence.  The frequency into which you will return is the same frequency you came from.  The souls essence was not created on earth.  Your personality or soul inherited the physical form to exist on earth and so it is that you disinherit it when you leave.


A3 - Emotions are part of your essence, it is therefore a natural hope that they whom you have loved will once again be part of this new existence.  The unifying bond is emotion and because the soul essence reacts to this love then the sequence is a reaction which requires no help, for it is in the nature of all souls to merge in the union of love.


A4 - The sequence of events that lead to a human being emerge originally from the physical union of male and female, but into the human frame must come the soul essence to enable emotion and reason; for without these ingredients the figure cannot function.  The personality then has to play its part and a decision is made.  Life is made up of a sequence of journey’s and throughout what is called eternity many such decisions are made.  Choice is yet another emotion and results in change of pathways through the eternal.  So in part, stillbirth can be explained as a change of pathway, yet because the unification is conducted through emotion.  That which appears lost has yet to come, for the creation shall come when love again will reunite and that which was lost shall be found.


A5 - The transference into the next frequency is not standardized and therefore requires great consideration.  Thoughts are individual and are the echo of the soul.  Thus it follows that the sequences which follow death of the physical being are dictated by Thought.  Within what is termed spirit lie veins of thought and by their very existence and energy, attract.  The saying like attracts like is more relevant here than on Earth for here lies the very essence of unification.  In these thought worlds are representations of a seemingly human existence which appears to be exactly the same as that you have just departed, but this is delusion and denotes that the soul has not accepted the fact that its Earth life has ended.  The ones who have the capacity to either realize or accept the fact that a change has taken place will be aware of a beauty which reacts to the energy they represent and welcome the love essence which envelops them and transfers them towards a reunion of loved ones who again, in this period, and for their comfort, once more project themselves as the image they once were. Not the image they have become.  In most cases they will appear to be much younger than were remembered in the physical. 


A6 - There is much spoken of the light of the spirit or the light of God, but no mention of how it is, or how it got there.  The consistency of the soul is light so at cessation of existence on earth the soul is not restricted by the overlay of the human body and is free to expand its energy which gives off a luminosity.  Due to this freedom it now becomes pure thought and the soul extends its light as this experience becomes apparent and connects with its own kind to unite the frequency.  The greater the knowledge, the greater the expansion, the greater the light.


A7 - Angels are universally accepted throughout the physical world as spiritual beings connected to the afterlife.  They are a race of beings who have duties which interact with all life in whatever aspect it is represented; therefore you cannot become an angel.  Many instances of angelic representation have been recorded and fully accepted, they have been seen as, Gold, Silver, Male, Female and Cherubic beings, which indicate a family consistency.  The Angels are the guardians between frequencies which are part of the greatness of the essence of God.  Angels are!


A8 - Animals differ from humans due to the fact that they have no power of reason, only the power of instinct.  Whereas the human thought carries a creativity within its light, the animals react quite differently.  The identification of animals, as they cease to exist here, is represented by colour equation to which their essence is attracted.  At a later stage in his frequency they are unified and guided by personalities who have this duty.  Their new companions are always, what are known on earth, as down syndrome children.  The reason for this is; The children have not been contaminated by thoughts of greed, envy or cruelty and are pure of thought, which gives them a great compassion towards the animal kingdom.


A9 - Emissaries are personalities who delay their natural progression and perform various duties to enable the God frequencies to flow in the elemental progression of Life.  Their presence enables the flow of the light to pervade through the many variations of life essences.  They receive the incoming souls and help in the correct placement into the many tributaries which lead inevitably to reuniting with those who have gone before.  Knowledge and awareness are the attributes of the EMISSARIES and these functions are put to full use when catastrophic events occur e.g.; air disasters, sea disasters and earthquakes.  The Tsunami also required these wonderful personalities to assist in the transition of souls.  Receiving prayers are included and healing the ones who have mind problems at the time of passing through, requires their compassion. Emissaries eventually progress, as others take their places.


A10 - Colour and Music are two very important factors in the light.  First, let us evaluate the colour essence.  Colour is an endless energy.  It has no beginning and no end, with its endless hues, tints, and blends, it is an energy which is represented throughout all life.  In material life it constitutes more than is appreciated or acknowledged.  Our soul energy is constantly emitting colour and those who can observe this refer to it as the aura but the significance is often ignored.  Not all colour will blend together and this situation is generated daily through our material lives.  We have a natural response to colour and because it is not recognized, we do not utilize it to the full effect.  This colour connection is reflected in behavioral patterns e.g.: A reaction to people without reason; a reaction to room colour is very significant; a reaction to atmosphere and so on.  Some examples of how we use colour every day: Should we feel ill we say we are “off colour”; The colour of money; A colourful character; I saw red; green with envy; feeling blue.

Music can find a reaction in many ways for yet again music is an endless energy.  With its chords and keys there is no element of music which has a total ending, for there is always another chord within its structure.  Both energies play a great part within and outside the light.  Colour and Music combine to unify all the frequencies which adorn the light, by bringing the elements of energies into a fluidic essence which brings gratification and peace to all those who transfer into the welcoming life force that awaits.


A11 - Assistance from the light is always on hand when we leave this earthly life.  Circumstances do occur in which help is ignored, due to the ignorance of the unseen Souls then continue to re-enact the situations which they have just left, sometimes causing disturbances (hauntings) to people still embodied in the physical world.  Eventually, when the light does dawn that they have died, this cry for help cannot always be resolved by the emissaries in the light and aid is sought from people here who have the ability to assist them to the light and progression.


A12 - The true essence of the Soul is love.  Acts of evil are created due to a material absorption of earthly emotions.  When a soul is created in the light and transferred to the physical conception, it is still pure.  However, free will allows the emotion within the soul to except negative responses.  Love never leaves the soul for it is its very foundation, so any negative reaction which causes evil deeds is a flimsy cover which the soul will always overcome.  The reception into the light of these personalities means that they are met and escorted into what can only be described as black pools of thought.  As the emissaries leave them dwelling in this misery they leave a deposit of positive energy on them and await an eventual response.  Progression of the soul is natural so when the response eventually comes the emissaries remove them from the black pools and guide them to a healing progress that will allow the contaminated soul to begin its progression through a series of self cleansing duties and admonishments.  It is the souls’ responsibility to realize what is required to eradicate the severity of its deeds.  Only the soul knows fully the acts it created, so only the soul can rectify them.


A13 – When these tragic events occur there are no words that can bring solace to the parents, but in the unseen these occasions are held in great reverence. The souls of these children are gathered in with love and are placed in wonderful coloured fragrances from which they emerge once again complete in the essence of God.  They then have a special part to play in the transitional sequence of older children who have ceased their existence on Earth.  Children who do return to the light are sometimes distressed and confused, but whilst on Earth as with all humans, unseen changes occur which involve an additional colour to show we have visited a material energy.  Colour frequency is part of the consistency of all life forms and no matter at whatever stage of life you may find yourselves in the future, this natural phenomena will take place.  Stillborn and Cot death children have been through Earths frequency and carry the appropriate colour which is displayed in the souls ambience.  The Emissaries show this change which confirms to the confused arrivals that they have a comparison with those already present, so it helps to settle them into the God essence.  No matter how young or old we are we are responsible for each other for we are all from the same source.


A14 - The conception of Heaven is given to us from childbirth and remains with many up to and beyond life on Earth.  This belief brings comfort and peace of mind to thousands, but what if there is another consideration!  It has been stated many times that in Gods house are many mansions, but if we were to remove an ‘e’ from Heaven we have Haven, controversial, yes, but should we say “In Gods house are many Havens” the statement may be understandable with the explanation of the progression of the soul.  To progress in any process, knowledge and comprehension are required.  Should there indeed be Havens they would serve a wonderful purpose in the education of the light and the progression of the soul would receive the information which would guide it through its next phase.  To remain in a fixed situation is impossible due to the natural forward movement of life, therefore you would not be able to remain in any frequency for ever, due to the ever changing formation of energy.  Life is movement and we are required to move with it.


A15 - Spiritual healing is an alignment of colour frequencies which co-ordinates the light to the physical.  The colour emanation from the healer must have a mutual link with the essence of the light and the person who is to be healed, otherwise a fusion of all three elements will not result in a successful outcome. The main reason that many only have a limited success is based on this compatibility.  When the frequency is correct there is an instant reaction and sensation, as the colour is blended in unison and both parties feel the unification with the light.  This results in a long term healing.


A16 - This process is natural and millions of people have observed this phenomena.  The natural patterns of life seem to create conundrums where there are no problems, for if there was understanding instead of ignorance the human context of life would be much simpler.  When in dream state the mind, soul, spirit, call it what you will, is no longer captive within the human frame and is free to expand into the frequency which comes at death.  In this essence are the ones who have gone from our sight, but because the soul is within this state they can reproduce themselves, by their thought process, in the image they represented whilst on earth.  Many have noticed whilst in dream state that those who they saw were portrayed in a much younger personage than they previously recognized.  This surely shows that even if the circumstances of their existence have changed they still retain their personality which they utilize to the full, by displaying themselves in their best image.  It also must be mentioned, that while in dream state there is no sense of earthly surroundings, so during the period of dreams we must also be in the light.  Soul to soul.


A17 - When a person is close to death the soul is making preparation to transfer. The energy frequency which has been required to enable a material life on earth is changing to a much swifter element.  The element of pure thought.  As this alteration takes place, the person with whom it has been part of also feels this change and responds in a natural way: By creating a dream like state which allows those who were previously unseen, to emerge.  This condition is often referred to as rambling but, in fact, it is always a sequence when cessation of life occurs.  This is the period when the loved ones have come forward to welcome and help them into the light.


A18 - Ageing is only relative to a material condition, this process is conducive with ALL things of a physical nature. Time is the creation of mankind, and results in, DAYS WEEKS, MONTHS AND YEARS, which symbolises age, this inevitably leads to a sequence which is old age and death.
When death occurs the energy which has shared the time span with the physical being is free to re-immerge into the light. Within the light are NO planets to apply the previous sequence, so Time is non existence. Ageing becomes the expansion of knowledge and through this medium, continual progression is attained. ALL progress is relative to experience, so even though we do grow old in the light, it is with knowledge and wisdom and this allows the soul access to the other patterns of life which it encounters.

A19 - We are creatures with consciences and so we punish ourselves for our own misdemeanours once the conscience begins to affect us. HELL lies within us all, just as HEAVEN does. So we create our own HELL or HEAVEN as our thoughts sees fit. HELL therefore is self punishment but it is as intangible as HEAVEN. Each of these opposites are attainable once the earth existence ends. Because each individual has the responsibility of itself, it is up to the conscience of the personality as to how long these conditions prevail.


A20 - Debate on this subject has been ongoing for many years, what has never been mentioned is the FACT that LIFE is ALWAYS moving forward NEVER back words. All facets of life have a forward movement and as such, it is inconceivable that any sort of reverse is possible. Time is relative to a material condition and time is tangible, so to suggest reversing time would alter life itself. The framework of the afterlife has exactly the same motion. The expansion of the thought creates a forward momentum, which in turn leads to greater knowledge and learning which extends the pathway into what is termed the LIGHT. So we do incarnate but outwards and forwards as we extend our ambitions in the eternal existence called LIFE.


A21 - Life energy which is referred to as THE SOUL is a mystery, its CREATION will never be known in a material confine. Because of its intangibility there is no known beginning. However, the creation of physical beings is entirely a human concept and without thought energy. Due to the injection of an intangible life force the human being can then exist on earth and have the personality it provides. Proof of this condition is observed - for as a life force moves on at physical death the human frame ceases to exist and thus we advance, yet again.


A22 - A group soul consists of personalities who are dedicated to bringing a spiritual awareness wherever a manifestation occurs. They are merged together in a bonding of dedication to the LIGHT, and as such they have a duty to enlighten any perception which comes on their pathway. Within the LIGHT are many areas which have representation in one form or another so there is always an avenue for them to focus. The LIGHT is not only available to earth people, it has a greater spectrum than we can visualise, so the group souls are always occupied. As a manifestation becomes apparent ONE of the group also manifests and becomes part of that particular life. The connection remains between the group which enables a communication to be available at all times, thus allowing a spiritual flow which is never broken.


A23 - On earth we have our own universe which is beyond our comprehension due to its size. When we leave here we again are confronted with a vastness. Whereas the material conditions of earth restricted our movement this other concept offers a receptive state and, because of this, travel has no boundaries, once the personality accepts the change and has gone through the process of purification. In the LIGHT are a great many variations of life forms, so there will be places which to all intents and purpose will be physical, but they will not quite be identical to earth. Manifestation on a material planet can only happen ONCE in your journeys, due to the changes being made to your life energy as the LIGHT impregnates your essence.


A24 - To deliberately take ones own life is never pre-arranged, there are many reasons why this event takes place. The main one is to escape the responsibilities of the situation created by the individual. Within the SOUL the thought is never removed, so the consequence which caused the suicide will continue in the LIGHT, until the courage to resolve it can immerge. We have a responsibility to ourselves to resolve any self- inflicted situations and act accordingly. Some who commit this act do so accidentally, it is a cry for help that is ignored. As these unfortunates come into the LIGHT they are greeted with compassion and understanding.


A25 - Organ transplants can extend human life and therefore have a place in human society. These transplants CANNOT affect the SOUL in fact they can enhance a physical life which, in turn, could lead to situations of spiritual awareness. The concept of an extended human life in these situations have led many to a greater understanding of spiritual closeness and a more expansive outlook of life itself. Many who have received these extensions have gone on to create a better understanding between their immediate families and have found love in greater depth than they thought possible. Those who were unsuccessful with organ transplants and ceased to exist here would probably realise their term in the physical had expired when they returned to the LIGHT.


A26 - In bygone ages when the Fear not the love of God was preached, there needed to be an opposite or negative image to threaten the people of the day.  That was when the Devil was created. 

There is an indication that at some period, a drunken man walking home in the dark along a narrow country lane saw the Devil looking at him over a hedgerow.  When checking the next day it was noted that two cloven hoof prints were on the inside of the hedgerow where the “Devil” had been observed.  So the image had been created and this observation was just what the clergy of the day were looking for.  What was not considered was that a goat will always stand on it's back legs to reach leaves on bushes.  Does a goat’s face, complete with Horns, not represent the so called “Devil”? Simple answers were not called for and the image of the “Devil” has been used ever since.

The existence of Mythological Creatures written of by the ancient Greeks should include the “Devil”, because that is where it belongs, in Mythology.  THERE IS NO SUCH CREATURE IN EXISTENCE NOR WILL THERE EVER BE !!!