Below is a list of people who have contributed to this site and some humble words from some of them about their experiences.  We hope you understand that this work has taken many months to compile and many years to collate.  We all hope you share in our wonderment and interest but also thank those who made this possible here and on the other side.

Alan Webb

Pat Webb

Peter and Susan Hayes

Dave and Denise

Pat Dixon

Ellen and Dave

Tony and Doreen

Geoff and Wendy

John Conway

Family Members


My name is Alan Webb. I was born on the 13th June 1934 and would like to unfold a journey which I hope will bring comfort, aspirations and inspiration to those who read it.

I was part of a large family which included my mother, father and seven children. Unfortunately, we lost a brother and twins which left myself plus two brothers and two sisters. From as early as I can remember, and continuing to the present day, I have had the comfort of seeing many personalities which have not been observed by others. Throughout my childhood I would see these differences and I became quite used to them. One day my mother had told me that the window cleaner had died, but a short time later I saw him walking up our street with his ladder on his shoulder, I could even see the leathers hanging from the bucket. Naturally I ran to tell my mother about this, she said that I could not because he was dead, and with that remark, told me to go and play. Because I had been dismissed so easily I decided I would never say anything again about the things I saw. At bedtimes it was different, due to the house being small my brothers and sisters and I all shared the same bedroom. Consequently, because I watched these different images appear on the ceiling I relayed them to the others in story fashion. My brothers and sisters thought I was making the stories up, but I was actually telling them what I could see, as it happened.
The sequences always started the same. First, I would see a teacup in the distance, then it would slowly revolve and grow larger, eventually I would go through the handle and emerge on the other side - in a completely different place. I would then be back in bed and observe the events on the bedroom ceiling.
My assumption was that even though people may see these things it was something no one talked about, so I got on with my life. It was many years before anyone else knew about the different things I saw.
My wife Pat and I have two sons and two daughters, we have six grandchildren and seven great grandchildren and are very proud of them.

We moved from a council house and bought our first home, a bungalow.  It was from there, in 1971, that our lives changed forever. I decided to tell Pat about the things I had seen throughout my life I had never mentioned to her about my visions so she was astounded. We talked for a long time that night and I felt much better for sharing my experiences, after a lifetime of keeping them to myself.  We were all settled in our new home and events from the unseen became more regular but slightly erratic.  On the night of August 7th 1971 at approx 9:15 an event occurred which changed things considerably. The children were in bed and we were about to watch a play on BBC when the most strange sensation came over me. It was unlike anything I had experienced before. I had a deep feeling of great sadness and started to cry with an intensity I had never known. After a short period the emotion changed and I have never known a greater joy than I did for several minutes. I seemed to experience the sadness and joy of the world in those moments.
Pat, understandably had become quite concerned, but something seemed to tell me to re-assure her that there was no need to worry and everything would be fine. At this point my mind appeared to be very calm and in control, what did surprise me was a deep intensity of love which surrounded me. The ensuing sequence was even stranger, I asked Pat for a pen and paper - who by this time was as perplexed as I was. My mind became quite submissive to the proceedings and I started to write, in what was not my own handwriting, the following; “Never again doubt the power of almighty God, I shall contact you again when you have recovered from the shock” and it was signed Tonka.  In the following weeks, at different times, I would again reach for pen and paper as the same influence came and went. The writings required the crossing of the letter t and the dotting of the letter I, but out of these came information regarding a world unseen. Yet again, I knew of such places but it seemed strange to see the identical places written in script with more depth. As the writings developed the informing voices became very clear and I discussed this with Pat and we decided that if they were so clear why not encourage them to speak through me. This thought created some trepidation in me and I decided to leave it for a while. However, it was some time later, on a Sunday yet again, when I felt my head being gently eased back into the settee and my thoughts began to receive sounds which emerged from my mouth.  These sounds were very guttural and hard to distinguish, but very gradual, over many weeks, they began to be understood - yet erratic.  There was no consistency when these events would happen and because of this I wondered if it was my subconscious playing tricks, but I realised that there was only Pat and I involved so there was no reason for deceit and once again we decided to go with the flow, but a pattern needed to be found.  There needed to be a controlling element which would level things out.  A directive from a lady, in whom we confided, made arrangements for us to visit someone she thought could help. We were invited to a cottage nestled in a small hamlet. Our instructions led us to a stream with a little bridge spanning it. We were expected, and the lady introduced herself as Connie and her husband Les and they made us feel at home. Connie encouraged us to explain all that had happened, after which she gave me a pencil and a sheet of paper, telling me to concentrate and put down what I perceived. Not having any artistic prowess I was surprised to watch a very ornate door appear as I drew. It had wonderful patterns and great hinges. The handles had a scroll like pattern and the door was studded and looked very formidable. I know I could not have drawn such an elaborate image. Below the door I wrote the name Timothy. As the name came, pictures of a coloured boy came in my mind - a boy whom I had seen at regular intervals throughout my life. Connie stated that Timothy was the key and the depicted door was the opening through which many things would be revealed. Little did Pat and I realise how wide that door would become and what information would follow.
Eventually, Timothy became an integral part of our lives as the informative sessions became controllable. Over quite a long period the voices became more coherent. There then emerged different personalities and a strong rapport began to build between Pat and them, so much so that Pat suggested we should get a tape recorder and tape the sessions with these orators.  She was immediately rebuffed by them and they said there would be one made available when the time was right and we would both be made aware.

Nothing was mentioned about this for quite some time and Pat continued writing all the accounts as they happened. To this day we still keep records, Pat is referred to as the ancient record keeper.
One day, even though we worked miles apart, and had no inkling what the other was doing, we simultaneously both sacrificed our lunch break to look at tape recorders.  On arriving back home we told each other what had happened and we realised it was time to record. We looked in the local paper to see that one was for sale. The address was quite near to us, so without further ado we drove to the house. When asked if we could see the recorder the vendor was quite puzzled - he stated that he had arrived too late for the advert to be inserted and that it would not be advertised until the next day. He was completely mystified when he saw the sale in the paper we had brought with us. We bought the recorder and left him still shaking his head as we drove away. It was a twin reeled recorder which we used for many years, and the stories from the source of the unseen world continued to amaze us. The personalities were quite expansive about their surroundings which appeared to be identical to those I had seen when I was a boy, relating stories for my brothers and sisters. We still did not mention anything about what was happening to anyone, but events were to change our lives forever. With regards to myself, I was seeing people from this different place on a very regular basis and they were very “real” in appearance. There was a time when I was watching television and I became aware of someone sat on the settee with me. I turned and was amazed to find two ladies sat by my side. This caused me to jump and they reacted in the same way and simply vanished. Another surprise lay in store when at work I “borrowed” a newspaper and read the descriptions of the unseen places I had visited and the personalities I had referred to. People called “mediums” described the different places I thought only Pat and I had gained knowledge of through our “new friends”.  I had never heard the word medium before and certainly never realised such people existed but, here in print, they called it “The Spirit World”, somewhere I had never considered as I had no spiritual inclinations whatsoever.  I later retrieved the paper and was quite excited when showing the contents to Pat. We were both astounded because there was no way we could have known of these places without our “new friends”.
The phenomena known as channelling had been created and through this method we gained many friends both seen and unseen. What emerged quite clearly was the fact that humour played a large part in this learning process, and due to this, the “sessions” became very relaxed and informal.
At the onset, Timothy was the personality who directed operations, although others took his place as he advanced in the eternal progress called life. Malik and Saanda took his place and are still with us after many years. They encouraged many to come forward with stories of how their lives on earth and how they came to be in the unseen world. Each, in turn, found it difficult at first to communicate but with patience and encouragement they nearly always succeeded. There were characters like Arthur Bellamy and his son Billy who told us they were coal merchants from Stockport and that they had an accident which led to them being in the unseen. It was a gable end which had fallen on them, killing both of them and their horse. Arthur went into great detail as he relayed to us the process of advancement that he and Billy experienced.
Tom and Sarah Ann Whittaker who owned a chip shop in Yorkshire related wonderful stories, followed by Charlie Chadwick an ironmonger from Rochdale, who told many colourful tales.
A very interesting concept was that as they advanced they changed their names; telling us the names they had were given to them by their earth parents and were not their true names. Fascinatingly the new name was nearly always a biblical name. Tonka, the original contact, told how he was stoned to death by the women of his tribe because he would not fight the other tribes. He only wanted to talk peace. We found out later that the North American Indians go on spiritual quests but first they have to be cleansed by heated Tonka stones!
Robert and Warren, two downs syndrome children, came on a regular basis and told us of the animal kingdom. They were probably influenced by the fact that we always included our corgis whenever we had the communication sessions. The animal essence has a different structure and is very receptive to downs syndrome children, for they have not been contaminated by thoughts which are absorbed by other people. The concept of the expansion that is the creativity of the unseen seems to have no limits. We cannot be so vain as to think that we are the only beings absorbed in this vastness we refer to as eternity. Within its creation must lie many other individualistic personalities of whom we have no knowledge. Just as images of earth people have been observed, there has to have been images classed as alien also seen. There have been instances when an individual named Alyanyc made himself known to us. He came from beyond the frequency we call the unseen and told of great cities and family life not unlike earthly ones but more expansive in thought. Tchuquada is the personality who acts as the conduit between the outer links and ourselves. Thought, just like the unseen, is only limited to the closed mind. Our minds were once closed but through the experiences we have had we realise the only restrictions are the ones you place there yourself.
We have also helped many who, for one reason or another, have the misfortune of not finding the right connection, for various reasons, which would have taken them into the unseen. Wherever we have done this duty - there have never been two the same - and because of the knowledge we gained from our unseen friends we were able to help and guide them into the creation waiting for them. There have been many who have returned to thank us. Over many years we and others have, and still enjoy, the companions from the unseen. I made a promise nearly forty years ago when the people from the unseen asked me to “Tell them of us”. I hope I have done them justice.

Could events like ours be part of a huge jigsaw puzzle?  If so, maybe there are more pieces out there to help make sense and hopefully unify mankind with eternity.

We would like to pay tribute to the many people who persevered with us as we opened this pathway with the help of those in the unseen and we apologise if we have missed anyone out: Dave and Denise; Pat Dixon; Ellen and Dave; Tony and Doreen; Geoff and Wendy; John Conway; Family Members; Miesha and last but, most importantly, Peter and Susan Hayes who have sat in every “session” for the last fifteen years, showing total dedication.

Pat Webb - My name is Pat Webb, I am Alan's wife. In 1971, as recorded by Alan, we took reality a step further than we could have thought possible. From that evening I had the position of record keeper placed upon me.  I have enjoyed this role, as our lives changed, and have never doubted for one minute what has been expressed to us from the unseen.  The reality of the personalities, who came through to tell of the unknown, brought with themselves an aura of truthfulness and compassion.  Sometimes jovial and yet they could be as intense and real as if they were somehow part of us.  Our commitment has never faded throughout the years and even today it is as strong as ever.  As the communications grew I realised what a massive part I had to play.  The experience of it will always bring fond memories which no one can ever remove.  The situations we shared are obviously too numerous to mention and yet stay as fresh today as they were when they happened.

It was strange, at first, being in the situation we found ourselves and not saying a word to anyone, even after Alan told me of his previous encounters, nothing could have prepared us for what was to follow.  We questioned everything and were surprised that every one was answered, if not at the time of asking, they would eventually be forthcoming.  This communication did not come overnight, it took a great deal of patience and commitment which was all the harder, due to the fact that neither of us were of a religious or spiritual nature.  Yet we both felt that innermost sensation which defies logic or reason and yet feels so personal and true.

Alan always said he tried to isolate himself from what was happening but always had the sensation of love when he knew that another session was about to start.  That sensation remains constant with us both as we have been bonded into the essence of the unseen and the personalities therein.

The records are all still intact and if events are allowed to take place we hope they will help to bring a realisation that life is eternal.  As was once said “ IF THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS WE HAVE ENJOYED IT-------BUT IF THERE IS------------------!”

Sue and Peter Hayes - Behind the façade of simplicity and normality, that Alan Webb portrays to the world, lies a unique and indisputable ability.  This ability has been brought to bear because Alan has retained the link we all should have, from the sequential places we have all been part of before we came here, but which many choose to forget.  This link with the unseen cannot be disputed, if time is taken to listen and digest the knowledge, delivered to us by the masters and teachers, via Alan, who is, without a doubt, the worlds most sincere and successful Channelling Medium. The information is literally ‘Out of this World,’ but is told in a way that is easy to understand and is totally acceptable by open minded people, who have a genuine capability to reason things out for themselves.
Many masters have relayed information, through Alan, for nigh on 40 years.  For almost 17 of those, I have had the pleasure and honour of being involved in this exceptional and innovative experience, which only comes once in a lifetime.
Gently, we were guided through the Spirit World experience, that many do accept, and then, with great diligence, our masters hinted and tantalised us with descriptions of what was ‘out there,’ beyond the Spirit.  At first we asked our child like questions and had them answered with consideration and thoughtfulness.  We found such obvious truth in the depictions that we became very bold.  Now we have received a great wealth in information, that has totally changed my outlook on life here and my thoughts on lives that are to come.
This knowledge has given me a very positive attitude, which is conveyed to all my family and has connotations in my many friendships.  Having the information has given me a self assurance and a capability to help strangers to find a new optimism, where non was present.  By showing them that beyond the dark cave, which is a representation of their shallow life, there is a bright and expansive world.  That world is always there, go and explore it.  Find the ability to transfer this ideology to the cosmos and your journey begins.
Give yourself the chance to learn.  Find yourself time to digest the teachings.  Read, or listen to the knowledge sent to us from the source.  If you have the ability to absorb and understand this information, then your own ability to discover the truth will be heightened.
Alan has taken a lifetime to compile this knowledge and our friend Miesha has taken an enormous amount of time and effort to assemble and transfer that information to the Internet, so it can be shared by all the world.  Don’t let the teachings of the masters be for a chosen few.  Become involved.  Transform your way of thinking to include the whole of life, in all aspects. Or, simply find a contentment in knowing what life truly is.  But most important of all, begin to reason things out for yourself.  Sense the excitement and join us on what could be the adventure of your lifetime!


David Schofield - Hi I am David Schofield, back in April 1979 one of my hobbies was painting.  I used to paint fantasy type paintings.  Things used to pop into my head and then I would make a painting up from this.  I didn’t think anything of this at the time, to me it was just a hobby which I enjoyed.  Also, at this time in my life, I was looking for something more spiritual, more meaningful.  It was at this time I started some drawings which were of North American Indians but I could not understand where this was coming from.  Fortunately, for me, we had some friends, Muriel, Marian and Tim, who had become interested in alternative thinking and they said I should show these drawings to a friend of theirs called Alan Webb.  A subsequent meeting was arranged and Denise, my wife, and I, Tim, Marian and Muriel met up with Alan and his wife Pat. We talked about the drawings and Alan was very impressed with my drawings and explained where these impressions where coming from.  He talked about the messages he was receiving.  From this meeting our little group met on a regular basis and to Denise and I it was the start of a life long friendship with Pat and Alan and my own development with my painting was opened up because of them.

The communications which came through Alan were an inspiration to us all.  Many times, over the years, we have sat with Alan and Pat and the guidance we have learned from spirit messages about the afterlife have always opened up many more questions and discussions.  I still have fond memories of Timothy, one of Alan's first guides, and also Arthur Bellamy, the coal merchant who told of his passing into the light in great detail.  There was always great humour in the messages.  We can still remember being told off when we complained about not having time to do things in our life.  The guidance we received said, in no uncertain words, ”You have time for everything if you know how to distribute it”
To me: Alan has always been truthful; he has a great sense of humour; does not stand fools easily and has an unmovable belief in the guidance he receives.  I have always said that the communications, messages, tapes and inspirational poems should go out to the masses; so the development of the website will open this up to the world.  So go to the website and find out for yourself.

We would like to give Pat Webb a great big thank you for all her work in keeping records, dates and times of these communications and also to Alan and Pat for touching our lives and being true friends.


John Conway - I was fortunate enough to meet Alan and Pat Webb about 20 years ago.  I think it was at Oldham spiritualist church, where we got to know each other very quickly from then on.  Alan was a fine medium in his own right as a demonstrator and had a great reputation as a clairvoyant serving many church's up and down the country.  It was about twelve months later that I found out that Alan was also a trance medium, this was something I was very interested in and it didn't take long before I was invited into the home circle that Alan had every week.  I went along to first sitting and I must say I was very impressed with the communicators and their knowledge and the way they delivered it was very good indeed.  I sat in the circle on a regular basis after that.  The communicators became better and better passing on some wonderful information about many different subjects.  It was fantastic to be part of something that to me was very special indeed.  We had also many wonderful times with normal spirit people who had popped in to the circle just to let us know how they adapted to the spirit world when they passed over and what they were doing in their new home.  Alan and I have demonstrated together on many occasions and been friends for over 20 years now.  We still keep in touch from time to time or if need help in any way, Alan is one person I know I can depend on.  I've been a working medium for twenty years now and been in many trance circles but there hasn't been one that I could compare to Alan's.  TRANCE MEDIUMSHIP at its best I would recommend this man's ability to anyone, a very down to earth man with an abundance of Spiritual helpers at his side, who want to help people understand these great truth's.  I for one will be going through his website to listen to some of the great tapes that are on there and listen once again to some of the remarkable information that was channelled through the mediumship of Alan Webb.  I have to thank not just Alan and his helpers but also Pat Webb, Alan's wife, for the kindness she has shown me over the years, God bless you both and I hope you succeed in your hard work with your website.  John Conway has his own website at

My name is Miesha and I met Alan Webb in 2003 when he gave me a reading which was very accurate.  I subsequently went to his house and shared my spiritual experiences with him where he duly listened and offered his guidance.  I have since become great friends with Alan and his wife Pat and they treat me more like a son than an acquaintance.  I have been lucky since our chance meeting that Alan and Pat have felt comfortable in inviting me to their channelling sessions and sharing the knowledge they have themselves learned from connecting with spirit. 

I am an engineer by trade and have a very scientific mind.  I am not religious although was brought up with religion of various doctrines.  I made my own mind up that there was something else other than religion and science a long time ago and felt compelled to keep my mouth shut about it for fear of ridicule.  I now know that it is me and others that share this knowledge that hold the key to enlightening those who can only see what they are told to see.  My interest in the other side was born out of psychic experiences from a very early age.  These experiences grew until eventually I had to prove to myself once and for all that this was not coincidence.  To do this I attended a scientific remote viewing course which confirmed my understanding that I was different and indeed had a strong psychic ability.  Since the course my mind has opened up a thousand fold to see and experience things many cannot comprehend or believe.  Thanks to Alan Webb I have managed to come to terms with these experiences and have progressed under his guidance.  I have since been chosen by spirit side with this great task of promulgating this knowledge using my technical skills so that others with similar experiences or just an interest may progress their thinking and become better people for it.

Alan is by far one of the greatest mediums that have ever lived and his friendliness and sense of humour make it easy to discuss topics which some consider to be taboo.  His skills as a medium extend to healing which has on more than one occasion aided me in my stressful life to get back on track.  His work over the years channelling the very knowledge that is contained in this web site has enabled me to understand where we have come from and where we are going to.  I hope it will do the same for you one day and maybe you too can contribute by sharing this site with others.

Thank you Alan and Pat for all you have done and are yet to do, for only people like you can truly help people to understand there is still hope for all of us.